10 Things You Should Never Say To Your Girlfriend 

So this past Sunday my boyfriend and I were hanging out, we went tubing down a river and after we went to our local fair. Now I was all excited to go tubing I was in my white Michael Kors bikini, I was tan and was definetly feeling myself . As we were going down the river we were goofing off and being all flirty and stuff having a great time when he commented on my henna that was on my shoulder, he said ” your hennas way cuter than my best friends”(who he doesn’t like who also had a Henna) and me joking was like “I’m cuter than her” which I was just playfully joking I just wanted him to call me cute to which he replies “well actually she has such a nice body” AND HE WAS TOTALLY SERIOUS. I should also mention that they had a thing a while back and needless to say I was so pissed and felt absolutely terrible about myself for the rest of my day. So I have compiled a list for what not to say to your girlfriend so that she may STAY your girlfriend.
1.”Your best friend is cuter than you” Boys we shouldn’t even have to tell you not to say that.

2.”Your butts gotten bigger” This one doesn’t apply to me because I’m definetly all for a big booty. You may think that that’s a compliment but to some they may interpret it as you just calling her fat. So instead just opt for saying something like ” your butts looking so nice”

3.”How much did that shirt cost” or really any clothing item of hers. Just tell her it looks nice and dont ask the price unless you’re the one buying 😉

4″Didn’t you already eat dinner today”

Do not under any circumstance comment on a women’s food habits unless it’s getting in the way of her health. If your girl is still hungry after going out to eat with her girlfriends by all means let her chow down on a late night meal if she wants too.

5.”Calm down”

Saying this is not going to make her any more calm. It will only fuel the fire.

6.”It shouldn’t be this hard” 

Real life relationships take work. They aren’t just happy go lucky all the time.

7.”Maybe I should just leave” 

If you guys are having a fight and you say this it takes away a lot of trust. When you’re arguing you’re suppose to work things out and come to an understanding not just threaten to leave when it gets hard.

8.”You look different..” 

After hearing that a women’s brain is going to be thinking up all the possible reasons as to why she looks different and 9/10 will all be bad.

9.”Because you’re a women” 

That will never be an acceptable reason for anything . That is an exceptional way to piss all women off.

10.”Are you on your period or something”

We are already obviously angry for whatever reason not everything is because we are pmsing.


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