So I am an avid Romwe shopper, I love the website and you can find amazing stuff on there for a cheap price, I have never had any problems with their clothes up until recently. I bought this really cute shirt from there Now it took almost two months for it to finally get here and when I got it, it had this really weird smell to it which was very unappealing. When I went to try on the shirt I realized there was already a hole in the armpit, BEFORE I had even gotten it there was a hole. I decided to let it go because it was only like $10. I washed the shirt once and the sleeves had already started to fray and when I arched my back after wearing it maybe 2 times the seam in the back tore apart like i was the hulk or something. I was very disappointed in this shirt and would not recommend getting. Now that doesn’t mean all of Romwes stuff is bad I have found some insanely cute things from there that are of average quality. The glasses in the picture I bought from there and I live in those things, I may look like Dwight from the office but i love it 💁🏼


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