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My Makeup Haul

This is everything I have gotten in the last two weeks almost all of it is from sephora except for maybe 3 Things. Now if you guys would have read my about me page on my website you will know I am a makeup hoarder and I have very terrible addiction😂 if anyone has any suggestions for a makeup rehabilitation center please send me. Anyways a lot of the stuff in this pile is samples which I got for free. There was slot more samples but I used a lot of the skin car products because I was impatient but how I got them for free was I signed up for the JC Penny credit card and I obviously got declined due to me having 0 credit 💁🏼. But wether you get accepted or declined you still get a big basket of free stuff and I'm all for free stuff. So here is a list of exactly everything I got in the last two weeks and I will put wether it was free or not and what I think of the product.:)

Born This Way foundation by Too Face- love love love this foundation It goes on so smooth and makes your face feel and look incredible- I wish it was free but unfortunely for my wallet it was not:( 

Becca Backlight Primer- right now this is my favorite primer you can wear it alone and it gives you this nice subtle glow and for me it doesn't make my face look greasy or oily just a nice glowy look and when I wear it under foundation it helps make it last all day 

Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear- this is another one of my favorite foundations when my face is a little more oily than usual. It helps control the oil on my face and leaves a nice smooth finish- this one costed me a pretty penny so again no freebies for this one 

Makeup Forever Step 1 primer- I wear this under the Lancôme because it helps control my oil on my face and leaves my face looking so flawless. I watched it on Jacqueline hills YouTube video a while ago and have been continuously buying it since

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum- I would buy this specifically for the smell of this. It's so citrusy and smells of summer and oranges and all things good in life. I love this it makes my face feel hydrated and amazing.- this happens to be one I got for free so it makes it even better:) 

Boing Airbrush concealer- this one is okay it's not pretty light weight not as covering as I hoped for in a concealer but it was free and it gave me a very large amount so all in all not too bad:) 

Marc Jacobs Daisy- I love this smell for summer, it's such a sweet summery smell and it's light weight and the way I can explain it is just a very happy smell, one of my favorites 😛

This next product is just one of many products of hers I love ❤️ she is my best friend but her products are amazing they are all completely natural and so so amazing I could go on and on about.

Antonina Naturals Citrus Lip Balm- I love all of her products but this one is just one that I had bought in the last two weeks it smells so good and its all natural has a wonderful taste and it's a lip balm you can never go wrong with, I encourage you guys to go out and try some of her products like her bath bombs and sugar scrubs are so amazing and they smell so good and if you go on my website you'll find my email and I will be happy to send you guys some very generous samples of her products @antoninanaturals 

My email is 

I know I didn't go through all the products but I have yet to try some of them:) if you guys want a video of me showing you how to use them and how they look on feel free to comment and I will be happy too:)